I finally got my turtle picture finished and I found a professional scanner!!!! I called several that are on google and that my teacher helped me find, but most of these places only did bulk or had roll scanners. I was NOT about to trust someone to roll this thru a machine. I was mainly looking for a flat bed scanner. I finally found one. He is amazing! After I finished up this and got the scan back I took him more of my work to have scanned. I told him I would be sharing his info, and he was happy about that. So here it is:

PamOr Fine Print

Here is the final image scanned :)


 Here  Is the Turtle image before and after pictures. The top image is a little distorted because it is on a drafting table at an angle. The bottom image is what it looks like standing upright. My goal here is to show you the before and after, so you can see the work that was done to finish up the piece.  I added to the piece but I also went in and fixed the detail in the piece. Added darker shading where it was needed, and much more. It was a lot of fun, and I am so glad I finished.


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