Back of book progress

I am working still on the book. I finally finished the front image. I played around with ways to tie together the front and the back. I originally thought I would take the capital “I” in imagine and drag it out in a ribbon effect across the back. The font I am using for the title is Alex Brush. So that actually worked nicely and looked really pretty. I totally recommend making ribbons with your pens tool when using alex! However, the ribbons just did not jive with the rawness of the drawing. I still like the contrast of the alex brush so I am still using that.

I decided to do another small drawing for the back. I decided on a little fairy montage. In the book description on the back I describe all the crazy things yu could never ever imagine and one of them is a fairy that rides elephants and wears special hats given to them by mother nature. So I whiped up a lil fairy wearing some nature inspired head gear. This works so much better on the back of the book and totally pulls the front and back together.  I will post the progress bellow. Hope you like it :)

fairy_pencil72 fairy_progress2_72 fairy_progress72 final_fairy72

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