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Launch Kit Finished


I am all finished with my launch kit. I showed you earlier the app I created.  Here are a few other items I created for the launch kit. I included an Icade game board. You place your Ipad in it and use it like an old atari…pretty cool. There is a party banner with 3 ghost and 3 pacmen. 2 posters (1 pacman, 1 ghost) some skull sunglasses, white and black chocolate candies, and 2 separate pamphlets. One is for the outside of the box and explains what is included in the launch kit. The other is the download pamphlet that goes inside of the box.

Over all I had a great time with the project. It was very challenging, and made me think about what would need to be included in a kit to make it sell.


Pac Man Dia De Los Meurtos

PAC_2 PAC_3I decided to do the Pac Man Dia De Los Meurtos! I created an Ipad app for the game. I made a splash page, and Pac man Page and a Ghost page. It was a lot of fun creating the sugar skulls. The fonts I used are called Pacmania and Dirty 2 soul stalker…..!


Pac Man Video Launch Kit

The objective for this project is to create a video game launch kit. We could pick any game or create our own. I decided to do a little of both. I am not sure just yet on the direction I am going to take. but I know I am going to do Pac-Man because it is my favorite game. Plus i like the idea of taking something vintage and putting a new modern spin on it. Right now I am between the idea of a halloween version (skulls), zombie version, or Dia De Los Meurtos. These are some thumbnails I have created so far.

Finished Book Cover!

Here is the final cover for my empty book project. I had a great time working on this project and learned some really valuable lessons. The top image is the book placed into a mockup. The second image is the PDF. Hope you enjoy!




I finally got my turtle picture finished and I found a professional scanner!!!! I called several that are on google and that my teacher helped me find, but most of these places only did bulk or had roll scanners. I was NOT about to trust someone to roll this thru a machine. I was mainly looking for a flat bed scanner. I finally found one. He is amazing! After I finished up this and got the scan back I took him more of my work to have scanned. I told him I would be sharing his info, and he was happy about that. So here it is:

PamOr Fine Print

Here is the final image scanned :)


 Here  Is the Turtle image before and after pictures. The top image is a little distorted because it is on a drafting table at an angle. The bottom image is what it looks like standing upright. My goal here is to show you the before and after, so you can see the work that was done to finish up the piece.  I added to the piece but I also went in and fixed the detail in the piece. Added darker shading where it was needed, and much more. It was a lot of fun, and I am so glad I finished.


Back of book progress

I am working still on the book. I finally finished the front image. I played around with ways to tie together the front and the back. I originally thought I would take the capital “I” in imagine and drag it out in a ribbon effect across the back. The font I am using for the title is Alex Brush. So that actually worked nicely and looked really pretty. I totally recommend making ribbons with your pens tool when using alex! However, the ribbons just did not jive with the rawness of the drawing. I still like the contrast of the alex brush so I am still using that.

I decided to do another small drawing for the back. I decided on a little fairy montage. In the book description on the back I describe all the crazy things yu could never ever imagine and one of them is a fairy that rides elephants and wears special hats given to them by mother nature. So I whiped up a lil fairy wearing some nature inspired head gear. This works so much better on the back of the book and totally pulls the front and back together.  I will post the progress bellow. Hope you like it :)

fairy_pencil72 fairy_progress2_72 fairy_progress72 final_fairy72

Empty Book Project

I have decided to go with the title “The things you could never ever imagine” Seeing that one could imagine anything the mind will allow you to, the book would be empty. I decided to go with a black and white cover. I am totally inspired by Shel Silverstein on this project.

I am going to be using a type face that looks almost like calligraphy….very much like ribbons thrown down on a page. The Art work is going to be my own. When I was 18 years old I started a piece that I never finished. It was too tedious of a project for someone my age. Eventually I gave up and just stored it away. I wanted to use this project as a way to bring it back out and finally finish it. It was something that I imagined up when I was younger so I felt it was perfect for this project.

Empty Book Project Thumbnails

Here are some ideas I came up with for the empty book project.

1. How to feed a baby unicorn. obviously these do not exist so the book would be empty

2. How to Dance on the Ceiling ( the secret Lionel Richie never told) . 

3. Quarter Past Never. 

4. Things You Could NEVER Imagine. This one is my favorite, because you can always imagine something. The imagination has no boundaries so it would be blank because there is no such thing as never being able to imagine something. The cover would be something really wild and imaginative.

5. When The Apple Bites Back. This is meh to me….and then I googled it and apparently things like it have been done so its not to original either. EPSON MFP image EPSON MFP image



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