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Launch Kit Finished

I am all finished with my launch kit. I showed you earlier the app I created.  Here are a few other items I created for the launch kit. I included an Icade game board. You place your Ipad in it and use it like an old atari…pretty cool. There is a party banner with 3 […]

Pac Man Dia De Los Meurtos

I decided to do the Pac Man Dia De Los Meurtos! I created an Ipad app for the game. I made a splash page, and Pac man Page and a Ghost page. It was a lot of fun creating the sugar skulls. The fonts I used are called Pacmania and Dirty 2 soul stalker…..!

Pac Man Video Launch Kit

The objective for this project is to create a video game launch kit. We could pick any game or create our own. I decided to do a little of both. I am not sure just yet on the direction I am going to take. but I know I am going to do Pac-Man because it […]

Finished Book Cover!

Here is the final cover for my empty book project. I had a great time working on this project and learned some really valuable lessons. The top image is the book placed into a mockup. The second image is the PDF. Hope you enjoy!


I finally got my turtle picture finished and I found a professional scanner!!!! I called several that are on google and that my teacher helped me find, but most of these places only did bulk or had roll scanners. I was NOT about to trust someone to roll this thru a machine. I was mainly […]

Back of book progress

I am working still on the book. I finally finished the front image. I played around with ways to tie together the front and the back. I originally thought I would take the capital “I” in imagine and drag it out in a ribbon effect across the back. The font I am using for the […]

Empty Book Project

I have decided to go with the title “The things you could never ever imagine” Seeing that one could imagine anything the mind will allow you to, the book would be empty. I decided to go with a black and white cover. I am totally inspired by Shel Silverstein on this project. I am going […]

Empty Book Project Thumbnails

Here are some ideas I came up with for the empty book project. 1. How to feed a baby unicorn. obviously these do not exist so the book would be empty 2. How to Dance on the Ceiling ( the secret Lionel Richie never told) .  3. Quarter Past Never.  4. Things You Could NEVER […]